Friday, December 14, 2012

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ah i kind of really like this hair >___<
so, newsea adonis is a pretty awesome hair so…i decided to butcher it :D i used ILTS’s version for the EA highlights, but I made an Adjust-Shine one as well, and i also removed those weird small strands in the front! however, there’s a gap in the back that i couldn’t really fix (cause i’m dumb haha) and the scalp/shaved part is a bit higher than the actual hair (i did manage to move it up a bit, but only so much before it had a Tyra fivehead).
Credits to ILTS for retexturing (with Pooklet’s textures) and doing the EA highlights!
this time, my re-creation victim was this artwork by MOKA
This time I was even more ambitious.. I made the pose myself! YAY TO ME!
The cats are booboo’s! aren’t they precious :3
Here if you want the pose, not poselist compatible tho, and the eyes (in close up) are borked. HAHA
the file names are:
a_sunpi_catlady_1 & a_sunpi_catlady_2

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